Saturday, 10 May 2014

Different People Different Needs

Mumbai the biggest city in the country, melting pot of so many cultures and the trade capital of India, is certainly a city that takes a whole new breed to survive in it.
The city that is known for its remarkable spirit of people , who are different, may be different from their counterparts across the world, not for the way they enjoy the life in a cosmopolitan city, but for the way they embrace the toughest of challenges a cosmopolitan city can ever bring to the table.

The very spirit of the city is to keep moving, if someone makes it easier its good, if someone doesn’t we don’t have time to stop and crib, its somehow become our DNA, the need to keep moving, moving ahead, moving to make the ends meet, moving to live what is called MUMBAI.

Yet deep in our hearts we know we need to be taken care of and all we need is to be thought of while anything is put before us for our service. The way we commute forms a very important part of it. If at all it becomes a little better imagine what impact it can bring to our life. “A devel­oped coun­try is not a place where the poor have cars. It’s where the rich use pub­lic trans­port” With the pace at which the city is expanding unfortunately its infrastructure isn’t and that’s where the most basic need is not coming to terms with existing system, the need to travel with dignity.

Arrival of Metro at this time marks a transition, with this Mumbai joins league with many world cities to care for its citizens better. Symbol of modern transportation that Metro is it fills the major gap in what a Mumbaikar needs and what he ends up coming to terms with.

This Modern transportation brings with it higher benchmarks of how a public transport should be thoughtful towards its commuters and this is no luxury this is the most basic right which signifies the sensitivity of a city towards its citizens.

In a nutshell when we break down the features and facilities metro has to offer, they are no mere accident they are synopsis of the thoughtfulness put towards different set of people who are going to use the system.

The facilities Metro brings to the table address the most basic concerns, different group of people within us carry. For example a well planned retail at stations will definitely address the concern of women and hurried people to get their things sorted right while they are commuting, without having to spend time outside stations, ATMs, convenience stores, mobile shops, refreshment and snacks stores open wide range of options for fellow Mumbaikars.

In a mad rush of every day travel where elderly, pregnant women, people with special needs feel ignored, Metro’s ecosystem is developed considering this small yet important section of society, right from entry to exit its ensured that the system is friendlier to people with special needs, lifts, escalators, tactile flooring, wheelchair friendly trains and platforms, signify the thoughtfulness that this modern transportation brings to the city.

In this effort to make this small commute as world class, caring and thoughtful as possible the safety aspect has too been taken care of, when Metro carries a fast Mumbaikar faster to its destination, the system is designed such that while in emergency the stations can be evacuated as quickly as 4 minutes, in times of emergency in train passenger driver communication allows passengers to speak to the driver and even get the train stopped if required. 

The things of big comfort and convenience happen by taking care of the small needs of different people, that’s where this new and modern transportation is setting benchmarks, for the city that is in dire need to expand its infrastructure to support the growing number of people, the journey from here on should have new rules to follow and better things to expect.