Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Million choices, million worries, Just one less!

A day in the life of Mumbaikar is nothing less than a marathon with hurdles, forcing us to make choices we really don’t want to make to reach to our destination. We constantly find ourselves asking “Why me? Why today? Why THIS every day?”

With 12 million people living in the city, even the widest of roads and developing infrastructure seems insufficient. We, Mumbai Metro, want to do our bit to bridge this gap; we aim to marry the East and the West of Mumbai city.

A large percentage of this part of Mumbai travels across the city putting an immense pressure upon the existing transport system. On an average, a Mumbaikar spends 90 minutes (or more), of their day travelling. People in Mumbai are renowned to spend maximum time commuting, leaving behind Delhi, Chennai & even Bangalore.

We Mumbaikars, work hard & travel harder!

The average time spent by a Mumbaikar travelling in a train is estimated to be close to 2 hours every day.The local trains are more famously attributed to be the backbone of the city, commuting millions every day. However they fail to connect this part of the city.

The BEST appears to be the best choice in this situation. The BEST buses form the city’s network with a very well spread layout reaching into every nook & corner of the city. However, it takes about 60 minutes to 120 minutes for one to get from Ghatkopar to Versova, depending on the density of vehicular traffic. And this patch being one of the most traffic congested hot zones of the city, the fact that the BEST buses are the cheapest mode of travelling from the east to the west Mumbai is insignificant.

The unreliable nature, the discomfort and the security issues that arise every time we see people hanging from the doors of these modes of transport shows how mumbaikar value’s his time! Sometime, they are willing to risk their life just to meet their appointments.

Taxis and auto rickshaws seems as the second best option but in the city where time is money, this is neither an option nor a luxury we can afford. The fare for this generally goes from Rs. 15 to Rs. 200.  And with the traffic jams clogging the narrow streets of the city, potholes, infrastructure problems and the frightening meter readings, it all adds up to your list of worries.

We all wished for traffic to go away, wished for a better mode of transport, wished to see the city develop and with Mumbai Metro, we hope to see all these dreams turn into reality.

As a mumbaikar, we refuse to waste anymore time commuting unsafely. We refuse to hear a No when we really need a Yes. We refuse to let the stress get the best of us.

Amongst the million choices that we have to make as Mumbaikars and amidst millions of worries we have to embrace, we will have one less thing to worry about & HAVE A NICE DAY!

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